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“Excellent School, very organized, quick service and student support, qualified teachers. I recommend” Anne Gherardi, Brazil, April 2023

“Lovely place, warm staff, and mostly, you’ll improve your english! My experience in the school has been amazing!” Christian Molina, Chile, February 2023

“I am very happy with academy Arena School, they have been very attentive and patient with me. During the two weeks I studied there I could improve my English a lot, especial thanks to the teachers who made the classes very fun and enjoyable. The academy offers extra classes for free from making cv to visit museums. All the academy staff continually encourage students to speak English at all time.” Jose Manuel Carmona, Spain, December 2022

“Teachers and staff are helpful! Very good experience! I suggest this school for everyone!” Alberto Lazzaroni, Italy, September 2022

“My experience with Arena is great. Firstly the customer support is excellent I met the director and the office team is great as well. Secondly they were pending about to improve my English and the teachers as Jane and Cormac were great. Definitely the best English School in Dublin :)” Ana Patricia Garcia, Mexico, May 2020 

“The Arena is a fantastic school. I had the opportunity to take an English course at the school for a month. Teachers, staff and extracurricular activities are great. I recommend the Arena to everyone who wants to have a wonderful experience in Dublin.” Gilvanira Lima, Brazil, February 2020 

“I have been studying in Arena School of English for two months. Arena is a great experience for me. All teachers and staff are professional, helpful, kind and friendly. I am lucky to be in Arena. If you think to learn English, you should come Arena School of English.” Yasir Baba, Turkey, February 2020

“Arena is an awesome English school! The Location is very good, the building is kept tidy and the teachers and staff are a high point. I had IELTS preparation with Jane, and she is (besides lovely and super cheerful and positive) an amazing teacher! Achieved my goals on IELTS thanks to her, and improved considerably my writing skills. The administrative part is organized, and I’ve never had any problems with. They always try to bring activities for the students and encourage them to interact. The nationality mix in the morning period was excellent!” Ingrid Castro, Brazil, February 2020

“Arena School of English is one of the best schools I have ever attended. Staff is really helpful and friendly, anything I needed they were able to sort out for me. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone 100%, thumbs up!!!” Petra Stradal, Czech Republic, December 2019

“I had the opportunity to study in Arena School and I’m really thankful with them because of the great teachers, staff always smiling and helping you with your stuff. Academically is grant! I’ve improved my English level so I strongly recommend it.” Ivan Banda, Mexico, October 2018

“Having a long history with Arena I consider this school of English one of the best in Ireland which I will totally recommend. For me the journey of learning English started back in 2011 when I joined the school for the first time, everything was amazing from staff who were friendly, helpful in any way too teachers who were passionate,respectful and keen to teach you. Now, in 2018 I have need again to join an English school but for Ielts exam and I thought based on my previous experience with Arena why not to rejoin the school again. Additionally, I can say that high quality of teaching and friendliness of the staff exceed far beyond my expectations. Thank you Arena for accompanying me through my journey.” Daniela Vaida, Romania, June 2018 

“I have been studying at Arena School of English for about 8 months. I previously studied in other school and Arena has been extremely different when compared to this first one and even what my friends tell me about their school. They have a great teachers team, moreover, the whole staff team care of their students. There is study club for students who want to practice extra practice, visits to places around Dublin and what the most part of the people look for a mixed nationality school. My English has been improving a lot since I started studying there. I highly recommend Arena School of English for people who want to just learn English or even planning to take IELTS and Cambridge exams.” Edipo Silva, Brazil, February 2018

“Best English School in Dublin. Period. 100% Professional experience, Close attention, Fast response rate, Best location (Next to Harcourt Luas stop), Good facilities, Warm welcome every day, Amazing teachers, International atmosphere, Cultural & Social activities promoted every week, competitive prices…what else could you need to make your choice? Don´t think twice and go straight to Arena School..” Cesar Sanz, Spain, January 2018

“I pursued evening classes to prepare the IELTS test within Arena School. I really enjoyed that moment, all staff member are really nice and helpful. In term of teaching, the course is well run and prepare us to all points of the IELTS test. I highly recommend Arena School!” Oceane Laveau, France, January 2018

“Loved it. Arena crew is very friendly and helping. It’s like a big family. The lessons are very good and the atmosphere between students, too. If i had to choose again, I would choose them.” Javier Soria, Spain, December 2017

“For me the learning of the English is a path that can last a long or a short time. In every path you need the best company that can help you to face the path and make it as enjoyable as possible.
After two months I can say that Arena School with its people is the best choice that I could make. The atmosphere, the teachers and all  the people that work there are very friendly and always can suggest you the best solution for your needs. Good English and good course of study to everyone. Enjoy!” Daniel Giangrosso, Italy, December 2017 

“I’ve been studying here for 2 months and I can assure you that Arena is an excellent school. The staff are always very helpful and kind, the teachers are great: qualified, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is very warm, I recommend this school to everyone!” Fabio Rebeccato, Italy, December 2017 

“I have only positive words for Arena school. With a very warm atmosphere, the school provides you with everything you need in order to improve your English. The teaching method is fantastic because you practice your English all the time in different ways such as speaking, grammar and by giving presentations about general topics.
Besides, every Friday you get an exam covering what have you studied during the week. Teachers are very qualified and they try to push yourself to get more confident with English and enjoy it by learning. The staff is very cheerful and friendly and always ready to help you in case you need some advice.
Every week the school offers social activities where you will get to know more people and interact with them in English.
I highly recommend the school to everybody who really wants or needs to improve English. It has been a great decision for me to come here!” Ana Arias, France, November 2017 

“I recommend Arena School of English to everyone. This school is ideally located in the center of Dublin, and connected to the Harcourt tramway station (which name is “Luas”). All the teachers are nice and also native English speakers. A roll call is done every day to be sure that every student is going to practice English. And last but not least, there is a good social programme with for example guided tour of Dublin, study club with a teacher, student nights…” Benoit Morin, France, September 2017 

“This is a great place to improve your English. All teachers that I met there were very well qualified. Even though I stayed only for two weeks in Dublin I could remarkably improve speaking and writing skills as well as vocabulary and grammar. Office workers are really helpful. Arena school is located in the city center close to the parks. Courses are fairly priced. All in all I was very much satisfied by the service, that was provided by Arena school. Thanks a lot!” Gaioz Tsutsunashvili, Germany, June 2017 

“I’ve been in Arena School of English for 2 months, starting from the 1st of May. I really recommend this school to everyone, since that contributed to making me one of the most beautiful experience in my life. All staff members are friendly, professional and always available to help you for everything. Classes are small and teachers are very qualified, kind and fun. Every week the school provides a free study class and library, where you can take some book or film based on your English’s level. Also, every Friday they organize interesting social activities to visit a lot of historic, cultural or natural places in Dublin and neighborhood. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed myself!” Idio Ridolfi, Italy, June 2017 

“My experience at the school was fantastic, the teachers are very professional and I have improved my English. The school organizes many social activities to know all the students and it is located in the city center near many Dublin pubs. The staff is very friendly and is available for everything you need. I’ll be back in the future :)” Antonio Di Lauro, Italy, June 2017 

“Arena is a great academy where you can improve your English while you live in a family or shared hosting. You have variety of schedules to choose the one that best suits you and make the free activities to interact with other students and learn more about the capital Friday. I took a month at school and I recommend it because I think I can learn a lot with them.” Sara Martinez, Spain, June 2017 

I’m pretty sure that I’ve made the best decision when I chose Arena School of English. The course content is fresh new and focused on developing your English skills and preparing you to apply for the main English certifications. Teachers are always willing to help and the classes are prepared to promote conversation between the students and stimulate vocabulary development with correct grammatical structures. Thanks very much Arena for looking after my English improvementCelso Luis De Melo Magalhaes, Brazil, June 2017 

“I’ve spent three weeks in Arena School and my experience has been amazing! The school is located in a really nice area of Dublin, not far from St. Stephen Green and Grafton Street. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff so kind and helpful. All teachers are competent and dynamic, the lessons always involving, with few people in every class and mixing grammar and conversation. If you want to improve your English and meet new friends from all over the world Arena School is the right choice!” Veronica Modesti, Italy, May 2017 

“I learned really much in this time. I really liked my teachers and learned and understand everything because they also explained everything to me, whenever I had a question.” Eyup Sancakli, Turkey, May 2017 

“I was one of the first students at the Arena School of English and I have great memories of it. I was supposed to stay in Dublin only three months and after eight years I am still here! I learnt English, accessed one of the most prestigious universities in Ireland and found a great job! Thanks guys, you’ve made me feel at home from day one :)” Valentina Paolucci, Italy, May 2017 

“I really recommend Arena school of English to everyone. I’ve been living in Dublin for almost 6 months and I can swear to you that this school contributed to making it one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. All the stuff is really kind and warm and always available to help you in every situation. What is more all the teachers are not just qualified but also charming and funny. The classes are small so the teachers can focus on everyone’s necessity. They are really interested in you improving so they are always willing to explain to you the same thing two thousand times or to give you extra papers for studying! Papers are not the only “extra things” that the school provides for you. There is also a library where you can bring different kinds of books depending on your level, a 2 hours per week study club, extra classes dedicated to review your CV or to give you more information about English certifications, and a social event every Friday! And let me say, Social events are very fun! Thanks to the school you can visit all the most fascinating places in Dublin and in Ireland. And last but not least they will take you to the most famous pubs in town, so you will drink like a real Irish!” Giulia Bortolami, Italy, April 2017 

“What’s my opinion about Arena School of English? Well… I can certainly say that It’s one of the most important tiles of the mosaic called “learn English”. I’ve spent 3 months here and I could see my improvement from the beginning and the cause of this is that they have well-organised qualified teaching staff always willing to help you. The school offers many activities in the afternoon in order to always have the opportunity to practice your English and make friends who will accompany you in the path. Last but not least there is one thing that I’ll bring with me for my entire life, the welcoming, friendly and home atmosphere that all staff gave me. That said I’m looking forward to spending time there again.” Umberto Pelliconi, Italy, March 2017 

“I am learning in this school 2 months. Very good time-management: your lessons have many parts in one day (grammar, audit, dialogues, games, essay and other). Is very important to have so many different activities! Of course you can learn many new words. It’s true! And don’t forget about little interesting important things – friendly atmosphere, good location (near LUAS station), coffee break room (free) and… you can visit together with your group many interesting places in Dublin! Every Friday you can do it. Plus you have two pretty bonuses: every Wednesday you can have more grammar’s practices after your lessons absolutely free and the school can give you student card (discount on travel in different transport, some museums and other). I tell you – it’s a very beautiful school!” Vita Smirnova, Russia, March 2017 

“I think the best word that describes Arena School is excellence, from the moment that I came to ask for information until my last day I could see it. With an amazing staff Arena provides not only really interactive and high quality classes with well prepared teachers. They truly make you have your best life experience.This was done with extra-activities that makes you do “no-mainstream”stuff. By the way  this is one of the greatest things about Arena the mix of nationalities. During my six months there I have met people from over 15 countries,coming from different continents. Regarding to the education, I think it’s important to say how important were the teacher that I had there, the classes are just amazing, all of them are marvelous. The school encourages you to do a international certification exam. I did IELTS exam and I can see how I developed my English I arrived there with loads of difficulties and I had a lot of support from the school to study hard and give my best in the exam. The study clubs were particularly important for it. Well basically I would recommend Arena If you want to have one of the greatest experience improving your language,meeting people and enjoying a nice city like Dublin.” Felipe Santos, Brazil, February 2017 

“I spent 5 weeks in Arena School attending an IELTS morning course: it was a great experience from both a linguistic and personal point of view. Lessons were various and useful, thanks to smallness of classes and competences of teachers, while the environment was absolutely friendly and intercultural. During my stay at the school I developed good relationships with staff and students alike, feeling always at home. I highly recommend Arena School to all who are thinking to come to Dublin to improve their English skills and meet other students from different countries.” Luca Punzo, Italy, January 2017 

“I recommend Arena School. The classes are small, so the teachers can be focused on each student.I loved the programs, based on participation and dynamism. The staff is very friendly and organise 2 or 3 activities per week to encourage students to meet each other. The school helped me integrate in Dublin and enjoy my new Irish life!” Kevin Robert, France, January 2017 

“I’ve been studying in Arena School of English since August last year, I took a 6 months course and it’s been awesome. Classrooms are small and I’m really happy with the teachers and staff which always help me with whatever I need. The school are very organised and also always promoting extra activities to get to know other students, help in the exams or even to make a good CV. I can say my English has improved a lot, specially my vocabulary and pronunciation, teachers are very patient and understand our different needs. I highly recommend Arena School!” Larissa Coutinho, Brazil, January 2017 

“I took a three-month course in Arena School and I’m glad to say that it was impressive. From the first day, when they tested my English skills to place me in the right level, until the last, when I felt sad leaving behind friends and a breathtaking teacher. The facilities of the school are perfectly adequate – computers, study club (once a week), resources to self-study, social events and activities every week; and it’s big selling point is the prize. It’s definitely a great school for anyone who want to improve his command of the English language. All being well I’ll be back in a few months to prepare the CAE exam! Raul Perez, Spain, December 2016

Thank you all staff,”I’m glad I’ve chosen Arena School of English. There is a friendly atmosphere in the school and all teachers and staff are just amazing, helpful and passionate. I can feel that they always care about students and try to make the school better and better in various ways. I was so nervous at first but I’m enjoying the class so much now. I would love to recommend to this school to people who want to improve their English regardless of the level.” Hitomi Shimogaki, Japan, November 2016

“Hi ! I’m Duncan, a French student of Arena school. I’m 18 and before entering in university I wanted to learn English so I decided to spend 6 months in Ireland in Arena school which has been a great choice !
It’s a pleasure to wake up every morning to go study in Arena. The atmosphere is very friendly and the teachers and the staff are very nice and helpful. In the beginning, I was a little worried and lost but quickly these feelings dissapeared. Moreover, the area where the school is located is very nice with lots of shops and squares.” Duncan Fouchet, France, November 2016

“Unfortunately I spent JUST two weeks at Arena School in Dublin. My time there was amazing, the staff and the teachers are young and dinamic, they really care about you, your background and your needs. Time at lesson is very fast and stimolatiting and you’ll be sure to attend the right English level for you. Also the accommodation will be perfect for you, I stayed in a lovely Irish host family who help me a lots. And of course you’ll have a lot of fun with new friends all around the world who you’ll meet at schools and in the activities organized in Dublin, a wonderful city.Many thanks!” Nicoletta Bezzi, Italy, September 2016

“If you are about to join Arena School of English in Dublin, you have to know that you are not just enrolling in a course to learn or to improve your knowledge of the language. No, Arena School is not just a simple school, this School is much more. Believe me! I took a course of 10 weeks and began to notice immediately the professionalism and the enthusiasm of the teachers and management staff, you perceive a friendly, helpful and accommodating atmosphere. The teachers are very prepared and cordial, the School will assist you with any need and they monitor your improvement daily. Moreover, they are not only focused on teaching you English grammar, but they also focus on speaking, listening, writing and more. In this way, you can choose different courses according to your needs, and the staff also support you to achieve an official certificate of English. Arena School, as well as, being a beautiful building in Georgian Dublin style, is also in a central and delighted area of the city. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that finding a home in Dublin is very difficult, but there is no problem, because the School is concerned with choosing the best accommodation in different types. Besides all of this, every week the School organizes events, trips, tours and parties. After all of this, if you reach the magical atmosphere of Dublin, the many new companions and friends, and your level of English that will improve dramatically and quickly, why are you waiting to join?” Federico Straffi, Italy, April 2016

“Arena school has given exactly what I need. I have never felt so happy and fulfilled as I do now. It not only teaches us academically but also encourages us to be social and get to know Irish culture. The location is fantastic with easy access to the city centre by foot or any public transport. The teaching is marvellous and we are never bored in class. The staff and teachers are down to earth. I feel free to talk about any problems as friends.” Gloriana Jeevan, Malaysia, February 2016

“I highly recommend this school for improving your English! There is very warm and friendly atmosphere, it feels like home! Challenging, interactive classes don’t look like classes you have seen before! Its really interesting! In addition there are lots of social activities which help you to find friends among people around the world and help you explore Green Ireland!” Yulia Mukhetdinova, Russia, January 2016

“Hi, I’m Enrica and I’m Italian..I studied in Arena School with my boyfriend for a couple of months and I was very happy. When we arrived in Arena School I didn’t speak English very well but now I have improved a lot. The teachers are amazing and also the staff. Arena School organize some cool events during the week and you have the possibility to meet other guys from different countries. I recommend this School to anyone who is thinking of improving your English!!!” Enrica Zaru, Italy, November 2015

“Arena School of English has given me a new start. This school has allowed me to gain confidence and to express myself despite mistakes. Especially, I have met people from all over the World and made lots of friends. The school has many activities! The staff are always available to help and laugh with me. Moreover, with classes in the morning it is very practical for visiting Dublin in the afternoon and experiencing Irish culture. You won’t regret coming to Arena :)” Severine Lai, France, October 2015

“At the Arena School of English I really enjoy all aspects of the course contend. The Teacher is very energetic and uses various methods to explain and enlighten students comprehension.
I would like to recommend to all prospective students of English.” Arcenio Fialek, Brazil, October 2015

“Hi! For two months I have been studying in Arena School of English in Dublin. Do you are thinking you want to come to Dublin to study English? Let me tell you something… Arena School is the best. Why? Because they are the best way to learn English and know Ireland and its culture. Your travel will be pleasurable and your English Excellent. Both teachers and staff are dedicated to teaching English through engaging lessons, comprehensive notes and weekly assessments to accelerate learning. If I was choosing a school to learn English again my choice will always be Arena School.” Adela Roosses, Nicaragua, September 2015

“After almost four months studying in Arena School, I can just say THANKS. The method they use to teach English is perfect (actually the best I’ve tried, and I’ve been in several schools during my life) to improve not only your grammar but specially your speaking and listening which, in the end, it’s really what we need. Besides that, the atmosphere, social activities and the fun you’ll have if you decide Arena is your place to learn or improve your English will be very, very, very hard to forget. Many thanks for everything!” Alberto Elias, Spain, August 2014

“Arena School is the greatest place to improve English! If you are likely to fall asleep in class/ have a panic attack when you see a phrasal verb/ did your best to avoid learning English properly before – come to this school and you won’t have these problems anymore. The lessons are so interesting that you don’t notice how the time passes and become suspicious of the teacher who says “that’s allfor today” in the end.)) Speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary – everything becomes better. Even phrasal verbs find their way to your head, whether you planned it or not. The social programme is excellent.” Anna Demidova, Russia, August 2014

“It was a real pleasure to spent 2 weeks in Dublin with the staff and students of Arena! I hope been here next year for improving my English one more time!” Robin Marchelidon, France, August 2014

“I studied at Arena for a month, in March 2014. The school is great, the staff is so kind and the teachers are perfect. If I had more time I would study more and more. Thanks all!” Raphael Dagaz, Brazil, March 2014

“This city, this School and this experience are just magique. School, teachers and all the staff are very friendly and they make you very confortable. They take their time in order to help you. You will feel like you are in your home.You won’t just improve your English. You will also enjoy so much with the social activities, you will meet new people and you will have the best souvenirs. The time is never enough. Just go there and live an unforgettable experience.” Delphine Guney, France, March 2014

“Arena School of English? Magic place to improvement Your English! Great helpfull teachers, great teaching system, amazing atmosphere with other classmates. A lot of interesting activities not only in school. Simply unique experiences!” Vladimira Ridova, Czech Republic, August 2013

“I loved Arena School of English. My English now is so much better! I’ll be back soon.”Ricardo Perera Martins, Brazil, 8th March 2013

“Having attended Arena School of English is one of the best choices that I have made in Dublin. Thank you so much for everything, especially to the best English teachers that I have ever had in my life.”
Samuel Rapisarda, Italy, 7th December 2012

“After three months in an intensive course I have to say that studying in Arena School of English has been a great experience. And also I want to thank all the staff of the school with their important advice every day. And of course to my teachers, all of them the best professionals and people, that I think I could ever find in this marvellous country: Ireland.”
Juan Manuel Barba Marquez, Spain, 1st December 2012

“I’m so happy that I chose Arena School to prepare for my CAE exam, I passed it without problem! It was the third school I tried during my year in Dublin, and it was the best by far! Great school, terrific teachers, friendly environment!” Belen Ruiz, Spain, August 2012

“Thanks a million for the course, I improved my English. I hope to come back to Arena School of English as soon as possible.”
Jeremy De Merbitz, France, 6th April 2012

“The methods of Arena School of English are very good, useful and entertaining. I had much fun with activities. The best thing is you learn while you’re enjoying. I recommend it completely.”
Raquel Cerdan Aguilar, Spain, 22nd November 2011

“To tell you the truth, I really do think Arena School of English is one of the best English acadamies I have ever attended. I’ll miss you guys!”
Carolina Nieto, Spain, 26th August 2011

“Staying in Dublin during my holidays while I have been studying in Arena School of English is like having the best of both worlds. I had the best English teacher from the best English school! See you soon.”
Jordi Roset, Spain, 26th August 2011

“Thanks a lot for everything! I will miss everybody in Arena School! I had a good experience here and I met a lot of friends, everybody is welcome in Paris!”
Cindy Leboucher, France, 3rd June 2011

“I had a really good time here, I spent 5 wonderful months in Arena School of English. All the teachers are great and the staff of the school as well. What is more I met interesting people from all over the world. I’ll miss you, I hope we’ll meet again in the future.”
Claudio Meloni, Italy, 8th April 2011

“For me it was a really good experience! I love this school. I met a lot of new friends. Teachers are very nice. Perfect social activities. I would like to study in Arena School of English again.”
Edyta Burkat, Poland, 25th March 2011

“It was a great experience and I met interesting people, I will miss the school a lot. Big Kiss.”
Alice Meyer, Italy, 11th February 2011

“Thanks for everything! Classes were great, friends were amazing. See you later, I’ll be back.”
Agnes Kim, South Korea, 28th January 2011

“My eleven weeks here were great! Thanks a lot for everything! Great teachers and also great people.”
Cristina Orro, Spain, 10th September 2010

“Thank you so much for having me! It was great getting to know you Irish people! You are all so welcoming and friendly! I had a really good time here and I will definitely be coming back! Talk to you on facebook.”
Kathleen Hellerman, Germany, 3rd September 2010

“I can just say…Thank you! Thanks a million for everything. It was a pleasure to meet you! I hope to see you all soon, take care.”
Ricardo De La Cruz Hernandez, Canary Islands, 30th August 2010

“Arena School of English is absolutely a nice school. It was a great pleasure to study here. My English has really improved and I had excellent teachers too. Congratulations everyone.”
Nelson Marques, Portugal, 27th August 2010

“It was a great experience and a beautiful time, I would like to come again.”
Felix Stoehr, Germany, 27th August 2010

“Thanks for all. Arena School of English is an excellent school, I will recommend your school in France.”
Cyrielle Gaudin, France, 27th August 2010

“I wanted to thank you for a great time in Arena and my new knowledge and experience with drinking Guinness and dancing…and for time with new see you next year, take care.”
Andrea Fabianova, Slovakia, 10th August 2010

“I enjoyed my time in Dublin and in Arena School, amazing three months…I miss everybody so much.”
Filip Melch, Czech Republic, 22nd April 2010

“Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed learning English here and I would recommend this school to other Spanish people.”
Celia Calleja, Spain, 16th April 2010

“I was very fine in the course and the people in the school were very friendly and professional.”
Luca Galbiati, Italy, 28th August 2009

“I really enjoyed my experience in this school. It was great!”
Esmeralda La Macchia, Italy, 21st August 2009

“Greatest language school in Dublin!! Beautiful atmosphere, perfect teachers, unbeatable prices.. I was there for two months and I would recommend it to everybody. Thanks a million guys!!”
Francesca Sebberu, Italy, 1st July 2009

“I enjoyed the method of teaching and the atmosphere in the school.”
Valentina Polito, Italy, 16th June 2009

“My teacher is excellent and my class is very interesting. I’m very happy with the school.”
Pilar Vallina, Spain, 15th May 2009

“Thanks again very much for teaching my mum English. I would surely recommend your school to anyone interested in coming to Dublin. Cheerio”
Katarina Sallayova, Slovakia, 18th April 2009

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