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Arena School of English in Rwanda, December 2014

At Arena School of English we are very interested in making a positive contribution to education in developing countries.

One of our partners, Hugh Delaney, has over ten years experience working with UNICEF andhugh4hugh10j other NGOs in the field of education in developing countries including:

Eastern Chad: Supporting the education of thousands of refugees living in camps in eastern Chad, who were displaced from their homes by the violence in Darfur.

Northern Pakistan: Hugh was working for UNICEF to provide emergency education and schooling following the devestating earthquake of 2005 which damaged or destroyed over 7,000 schools. His role involved project managing the construction of temporary school facilties

Northern Uganda: Improving access to and quality of primary education for those communities which had been affected by the long-running conflict, with a special emphasis on girhugh6ls’ education.

Indonesia: Deployment with UNICEF to West Sumatra to lead the education response to the 2009 earthquake, to ensure that all children could return to school as rapidly as possible and continue their education.

Nepal: Hugh was an Education Specialist with UNICEF in Kathmandu, Nepal for one year from 2009-2010.

Haiti: Hugh was deployed to Haiti by UNICEF for one month after the devastating 2010 earthquake, to ensure that children could return to school and their education as rapidly as possible and continue their education.

Rwanda: In mid 2010 Hugh returned to Africa with UNICEF and was based in Kigali, Rwanda until 2015 when he started a new role with UNICEF in Thailand.

In December 2014 Paul and Patrick made a donation on behalf of Arena School of English to the Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre in Kigali. We are proud to be associated with this centre that helps young adults who have been orphaned. In addition to our financial donation we also provided a number of English language course books for the Rwandan students. We received a very warm welcome from the brilliant students and Arena will continue its association with this great centre. We hope to return to Rwanda again in the future!

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