Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 2023

Admissions Criteria
A student’s entry level is only confirmed when they have completed level tests and a level placement consultation with the school’s academic staff. Each course has a minimum entry level requirement and students who do not reach this requirement will be offered an alternative course suitable for their level.
Age – minimum 18.

Each class hour is 60 minutes.
Courses can only be reserved when the school receives a completed booking form, level tests and payment for the course.
To extend a course a student must inform the school in advance and must pay for the course to reserve their place.
Courses cannot be transferred and must be completed within the specified time originally booked.
There will be no classes on Republic of Ireland public holidays and these classes cannot be transferred: 2 Jan, 6 Feb, 17 Mar, 7 Apr, 10 Apr, 1 May, 5 June, 7 Aug, 30 Oct, 25 & 26 Dec.
The school reserves the right to cancel a class at any time.

Fees include: tuition, level test, course materials, use of school facilities, computers & Wi-Fi, beverages, end of course certificate.
Fees do not include: exam fees, lunch or other meals, health/travel insurance, bank/PayPal charges.

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit card.
When the school receives payment of the course fees the school will confirm the course booking.
All bank charges are the responsibility of the student.

Cancellations & Refund Policy
There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced. This includes late arrival, early departure, or days missed during the course.
Bookings may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to the commencement of a course with a €150 administration penalty. If accommodation has been booked an additional €95 penalty applies.
All cancellations and terminations must be made in writing (email is acceptable) to the Managing Director of Arena School of English.
For cancellations 1 to 14 days before the course begins, 50% of the full amount will be refunded (minimum cancellation fee is €150).
At least 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel an individual lesson. Individual lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded.
A minimum fee of €250 applies to cancellations due to visa refusal (official visa refusal documentation required).
Students who are ill may ask for a course to be postponed to a later date. In this case, the school will require a medical certificate.
If the school cannot provide a course due to extenuating circumstances beyond its control the school will attempt to compensate the student by means of a course transfer or credit note. Refunds or partial refunds will not be provided. Extenuating circumstances include natural disasters, extreme weather, war, disease, fire, property & building damage, interruption of utilities, national emergencies, government directives.

Course Withdrawals
If a student wishes to withdraw from their course after arrival at the school, they must inform the Managing Director in writing (email is acceptable) explaining their circumstances.

Accommodation can only be reserved when the school receives a completed booking form and payment.
To continue in accommodation a student must inform the school in advance and the school must receive payment.
Accommodation may be cancelled up to a week prior to commencement with a €95 administration penalty.
All accommodation cancellations after arrival are non-refundable. This also applies to non arrival, postponement of arrival or early departure – payment is non-refundable.

Attendance Policy
Students must arrive on time for class. If a student is more than 15 minutes late they will not be permitted to go to class until the break and will be marked absent for the first class segment. Students who leave class more than 15 minutes early will be marked absent for the second class segment.
Students who are unable to attend class due to illness or for any other reason must contact the school.
If a student is ill they should get a doctor’s medical certificate.
Students who fall below 85% attendance will be contacted and procedures followed in accordance with Irish Immigration rules.

School Etiquette
There is a School Etiquette which all students are expected to follow.  In extreme cases the school reserves the right to expel students with no refund.

Medical & Travel Insurance
EU citizens should bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
Non-EEA students must take out Medical Insurance which can be provided by the school.
Students must inform Arena of any medical conditions.
The school does not provide Travel Insurance.

Any disputes relating to services provided by the school must be brought to the attention of the school management while the student is in Ireland. The school has a documented complaints & grievances policy. Where necessary any legal disputes will be heard in the courts of the Republic of Ireland.

Photography & Film Material
By accepting these terms & conditions, students accept that photos or videos from events may be used for promotional purposes.

Non-EEA Work-Study Visa Courses
The school will provide students with documentation for their GNIB appointment including a schedule of their course dates and official end of course exam. Documentation for GNIB will only be provided when all course fees, including the exam fee, are paid in full. If a student is refused a study visa they will receive a full refund of fees less €150 administration costs.
Students must complete 25 weeks of classes over an eight month period with 10 weeks of holidays. Normally these holidays are taken after the course has been completed.

In exceptional circumstances the school will agree to holidays during the 25 weeks course. This must be agreed at the time of booking the course and before the GNIB appointment. In these circumstances holidays cannot be taken until a student completes 8 weeks of their course. It is recommended that students take a minimum of 2 weeks holidays at any time. Holiday periods cannot at any point exceed 1/3 of the total weeks elapsed. All holidays start on Monday and finish on Friday. Students are permitted to work part time (20 hours per week) at all times and full time (40 hours per week) in May, June, July, August and 15 December to 15 January.
Students must take holidays from 22 December to 8 January 2024.

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